Acid Theatre:
After I'm gone, your earth will be fated to live out its miserable span of existence...as one of my satellites. And that's how it's going to be.
Ladies and gentlemen, those of us who began our love labors at the operator's key have been permitted to see and assist in the whole modern industrial development of electricity.

(Thomas Edison)

In The Name Of The Future:
You, you, you! Do you know that bad girls go to Hell?
Mirror's Paradise:
Time is running out for the planet Earth!

(da un effetto FX CD che lex ha usato, che Ŕ probabilmente la fonte di altri sample su quest album)

Planet Of The Apes:
1) Man turns animal!

2) Planet of the apes.

1) Each of you must distinguish for himself between the scenes of cold reality and those of pure illusion.

2) Here are the thrill seekers, corrupt and immoral!